Nneoma Nze has been with RFS as a technical recruiter and sourcer since May 2021, and she’s already finding ways to make a difference in the tech recruiting scene. Formerly an early childhood education teacher with Teach For America and a nonprofit organizer for postsecondary peer health initiatives, Nneoma’s path led her to Recruiting From Scratch. We talked with her about the technology sector, diversity initiatives, and what makes RFS great.

How did you make the move from teaching and nonprofit work to tech recruiting?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion were a huge part of my decision to go into talent acquisition. I wanted to elevate black and brown people — not just to make a livelihood, but to thrive and make it into management and leadership positions. Tech is where it’s at right now, it’s so integrated in our lives as we move toward a digital society. This gave me the opportunity to create equitable spaces for black and brown people and women.

I was thinking about going into a diversity and inclusion role somewhere, but that can be put in a box within some organizations. But with my work here, I’ve been exposed to so many different organizations. I’ve learned so much in five months about the tech ecosystem and different roles within technology as someone who has to be able to recruit for those roles. I knew I wanted to move into something where I’d be able to create a space in making sure that the workplace is fair and equitable and allows people to prosper and be represented in organizations.

What does your day-to-day role look like?

I do phone screens with candidates for software engineering and hardware job openings we have, trying to see if they’re a fit with any of the organizations that we’re working with and let them know about some other organizations that they might not have heard about. When I have some free time, I’ll look for candidates, often in deep tech work and hardware because they’re harder to find.

What do you enjoy about working for RFS?

Being remote is great and there’s lots of flexibility. The exposure that I get to all these different organizations that we work with has helped me learn so much. I love the authenticity of the people here, and I love being able to place so many amazing people all around. It’s such a young and dynamic team.