Find top tech talent with one of the top staffing agencies in New York City

New York City is home to a wealth of exciting industries –from media to manufacturing to real estate to finance to technology. As the nation’s premier business hub, New York City is an excellent place to source and hire top performers for niche, critical roles. New York City continues to be one of the top cities for Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Blockchain Engineers and more.  

Recruiting from Scratch is your trusted partner as one of New York City’s top recruiting agencies.  We work with some of the top tech companies in New York City– from exciting new startups to mid-sized businesses to large, publicly-traded corporations.  

We find and place New York talent in job functions like:
  • Product Marketing: Partner with us to find your next Product Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Director, or other talented Product Marketer.
  • Product Design: We look for talented Product Designers and UX Designers, with the portfolios and experience to match what your team is searching for.
  • Senior Engineers: We're connected to some of the top engineering talent, to help you hire experienced engineers well-versed in Fullstack, Backend, Frontend, Devops, Firmware, Hardware, and more disciplines.
  • New Engineering sub-specialities: We can help you find talent for emerging and in-demand sub-specialties, like Web3, Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineers.
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