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Who is Recruiting from Scratch:

Recruiting from Scratch is a premier talent firm that focuses on placing the best product managers, software, and hardware talent at innovative companies. Our team is 100% remote and we work with teams across the United States to help them hire. We work with companies funded by the best investors including Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Ventures, Tiger Global Management, A16Z, Accel, DFJ, and more.

If you are a fit, the team will reach out to you about this role or any others that may be a fit for our clients.

Our Client's Mission

reimagining video chat to be as immersive and fun as possible. Our virtual spaces are designed like real spaces to provide context to interactions, helping people discover, build, and deepen relationships.  

over a million people have used our software. Our team is fully remote, and we're looking for people who are passionate about using technology to transform how people connect online.

The Role

As a full stack software engineer, you'll be working on greenfield projects using the best technology for the job to deliver the most delightful experiences for our users. In addition, you will play a major part in deciding what we build and how we build it. This role reports directly to the CEO. You will have genuine impact by helping drive the product roadmap and owning the technical design and shipping of features.

The following projects are some examples of projects you could work on. Don’t worry – we understand interests and strengths will vary from person to person and we don’t expect you to be an expert on everything.

  • Real life spaces give people something to do while interacting with other people instead of just staring at each other. Shared experiences are core to building human relationships, whether it's listening to music, watching videos, collaborating on whiteboards, or playing games together. We're bringing all of that into .
  • Room builder. Customization will be our long-term moat. Letting people personalize and own their spaces will be a key differentiator of the experience. Sometimes you want to throw a party, and sometimes you want to get some work done. We're building the ultimate creator's tool to allow hosts to drag-and-drop to build their perfect space for each occasion.
  • Personal expression. Allowing people to creatively express themselves is a core principle. Whether it's animated emojis, cosmetic additions like hats and pets, or crazy video filters, the future is going to be a lot more fun than just changing your video background.
  • Scalable backend. As we get more popular, we'll need to manage and orchestrate all the different jobs and processes. Problems include load-balancing between WebSocket servers, post-processing image uploads, and zero-downtime deploys.

You are:

  • Looking to join a growing team and collaborate on product decisions
  • Great at balancing speed of execution with writing clean, well-designed code
  • Looking to be a part of an inclusive culture where everyone brings their whole selves to work
  • A clear communicator who believes in communicating kindly but candidly
  • Committed to using your engineering skills for social good


  • 5+ years experience in software engineering. We want you to hit the ground running when you join.
  • Strong sense of product ownership and business impact. It's paramount that you care about the user experience and the impact of what you're building. This is a role where we agree on high level goals, and you'll be trusted to figure out the details. There won't be anyone constantly telling you what to do.
  • Eagerness to learn new technologies. Our tech stack currently includes TypeScript, React, WebRTC (Daily), WebGL (Phaser), NodeJS, Google Firebase, and Google App Engine. We don't care if you're currently an expert of these technologies, but we do care that you'll be able learn quickly. Any experience related to video chat or video games are a plus.

Benefits: PTO, Health Benefits, and More!

Base Salary Range: $130-160K