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Building the Future of Education: How Amplify and Recruiting from Scratch Partnered on Technical Hiring

April 11, 2024

Industry: Education

Company Stage: 215M in funding

Founding Date: 2000

Investors: A.Capital Ventures, Emerson Collective

Roles Hired: Senior Data Manager, Senior Data Manager (Data Modeling), Senior Data Engineer, Data Governance Manager, Senior Data Engineer, Python Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior Analytics Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer

Locations: New York and remote

Headcount: 1,000+

About our Client

Founded in 2000, Amplify is a premier K-12 curriculum and assessment company  serving over 7 million students and ranking among the nation's largest educational software providers.

Although the company is based in Brooklyn, they embrace a flexible workforce and hire talented individuals remotely across the US. A number of these employees are former educators, which means Amplify's core products are crafted with expertise and insight from seasoned teaching professionals.

The Challenge: Scaling rapidly while filling highly technical roles

The need for Amplify’s products boomed during the pandemic, which meant they needed to hire additional employees to keep up with demand. However, many of the roles they needed to fill were highly-technical and specialized. For example, many candidates needed to know things like:

  • How to build well-tested and optimized ETL data pipelines
  • Strong knowledge of SQL, of datastores and their tradeoffs, data modeling, data structures, data manipulation
  • Strong knowledge of ETL/ELT pipeline design, tooling, and support
  • How to architect, implement, and optimize high throughput data pipelines
  • Experience deploying production systems in the cloud (like in AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • How to analyze performance and squashing tricky bugs using tools like Datadog, Alert Logic, and AWS CloudWatch

Amplify is also a very mission-driven company, so they wanted to hire individuals with a passion for higher education. Recruiting from Scratch knew that they needed to source and interview individuals with at least an interest in ed-tech who could grow into invaluable team members over time.

The Solutions: Customized communication, specialized recruiting strategies for highly technical roles

One of the first steps taken by Recruiting from Scratch was to streamline communication and implement feedback loops on existing Amplify channels like Slack. Our team quickly set up a process for the internal teams to review candidate scorecards/resumes and provide interview feedback on interviews, allowing us to swiftly notify candidates of their status and help top candidates schedule their next interviews.

Our team also leveraged our extensive recruiting experience to assist Amplify in filling their niche and technical positions. The data division at Amplify, in particular, faced an urgent need to onboard specialists in data governance and modeling. Collaborating closely with their Head of Data, we worked together on the requirements for these role, provided tailored recommendations on candidates to target, and identified companies with robust data departments as sources of recruitment.

The Results: 10+ roles placed and now helping past placements expand their own teams

In 2.5 years, Recruiting from Scratch hired 12 roles for Amplify, with titles like:

  • Senior Data Manager
  • Senior Data Manager (Data Modeling)
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Data Governance Manager
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Python Engineer
  • Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Senior Analytics Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer

The majority of the candidates we hired in 2022 and 2023 are still in their current roles at Amplify, which for some is a tenure close to a year and a half.

Finally, hires made by our team are now building their own teams at Amplify, and partnering with Recruiting from Scratch to make these additional hires. We’re excited to see what new teams our former hires build, and what innovations they develop next.

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