Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my RFS Referral reward?

If the client you referred hires a contractor, you will receive your USD shortly after the client completes each invoice. Your payout will accumulate throughout the length of the contract. If the client you referred hires a full-time employee, as a direct hire, you will receive the entirety of the payout reward shortly after the client completes the initial payment, and our guarantee period of for the candidate after the candidate's start date.

If I have a company in mind, can I refer them immediately?

When referring clients, you earn 5% of the total contract value for every individual that your referees hire. The reward is paid out in USD. There is a $100,000 cap per client that you refer.

How do I get started?

Fill out the above forms for candidates or client referrals, and we'll be in touch! 

What if I only have a few candidates or companies to refer right now?

Not a problem! We would still like to get to know you, and welcome you to the program. We prioritize quality hires over quantity of hires. So whether you know two amazing candidates, or one great hiring manager in need - you can still earn a referral if a hire is made.

What will I earn?

We pay a percentage of the revenue we earn from each placement to members of our Partner Program. Percentages vary based on the type of hire and total compensation. During our intro call, we'll review the scenarios for referral payouts together.

What type of candidates should I refer?

We hire for a variety of tech-centric roles, from Individual Contributor to Senior Management and C-Suite. To get a sense of the rows we recruit for, you can also browse our recent job postings.

What type of companies should I refer?

We work with companies who want to fill tech roles, but we also help our clients hire for design, marketing, finance, tax strategy, and operations. Within these organizations, we typically partner with hiring managers, talent acquisition, or founders directly, depending on the size. Since our inception, we’ve worked with 125+ companies from large enterprise to early-stage startups. Some of our most recent clients include companies building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and are in need of quickly scaling their teams.

Do my referrals need to be in a certain location?

Our primary markets include New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, although we recruit globally across Latin America and parts of Europe as well. If you have a candidate or company in mind that’s outside the United States that you think may be a good fit, we can still work together.

What happens if a candidate doesn’t work out?

If the candidate leaves before the replacement period, we will find you a new amazing candidate at no additional cost.

I’m interested, but don’t have any hiring needs right now - is there a way I can stay connected?

Yes! Please connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or join our email list. You can also check out some of the resources on our Employers page.

I’m a candidate who’s interviewing, but looking for tips. Can you help me?

Yes! We have a variety of resources on our blog and also on our Candidates page.

Does Recruiting from Scratch recruit for temporary positions?

No, we do not recruit for temporary positions at this time.

How do I get in touch with Recruiting from Scratch?

You can reach out to us by emailing us at or contacting us at the top of the page.

How much does Recruiting from Scratch cost?

We work on a percentage of compensation model. We are happy to find a payment structure that works best for your team. To learn more, contact us at

I’m a interested candidate but don’t see any roles right now I am a fit for. Can I submit my resume?

Yes, please send us your resume - you can do so here Job Seeker []

How is Recruiting from Scratch different from other Recruiting Agencies?

Recruiting from Scratch has deep recruiting expertise across industries and companies of various size. Our core management team has a combined 25+ years of experience in tech, recruiting and account management. Our core values are Process, Speed, Quality, and being Performance-based. Read more about how we work here [Link to Careers page]

How long does the Recruiting from Scratch process take?

The length of time it takes us to find the perfect candidate for your team depends on the role you are looking to fill. We can send candidates the same day of signing the contract, and the interview process can go as quickly or as slowly as your schedule allows. Half our candidates go from first interview to signed offer in 21.5 days. The industry standard is 49 days, according to LinkedIn.

I’ve never used a Staffing or Recruiting Agency. How does it work?

Recruiting from Scratch works on a direct hire model. We will source, screen, and work with candidates throughout the hiring process. We will work closely with your team submitting to your Applicant Tracking System like Greenhouse or Lever, work in a shared Slack channel, or follow the process that works best for you.

What kind of companies does Recruiting from Scratch partner with?

Recruiting from Scratch partners with any organization that needs to hire, from Software Engineering to Product Management, to Finance and Marketing. Some of our most popular roles we’ve helped our clients hire for are Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Hardware Engineers and Product Managers. Learn more on our Roles page:

Where is Recruiting from Scratch based?

We’re based in tech-heavy cities across the US and have a thorough understanding of market rates and trends in these hubs and nationally. Recruiting from Scratch primarily works with companies in the United States, but we also help international companies hire talent or find international talent for United States companies. If your team is also hiring remotely, we are happy to chat with you!

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