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We specialize in building high-performing teams across multiple industries and roles. With over 150 successful partnerships, we drive business success through strategic talent acquisition.

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As our clients scale their businesses, they need help scaling their teams, too. Recruiting From Scratch has successfully recruited entire founding teams for startups, leadership teams, and teams for new business verticals or stages of growth for our cleints in Technology.

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When will I receive my RFS Referral reward?

If the client you referred hires a contractor, you will receive your USD shortly after the client completes each invoice. Your payout will accumulate throughout the length of the contract. If the client you referred hires a full-time employee, as a direct hire, you will receive the entirety of the payout reward shortly after the client completes the initial payment, and our guarantee period of for the candidate after the candidate's start date.

If I have a company in mind, can I refer them immediately?

When referring clients, you earn 5% of the total contract value for every individual that your referees hire. The reward is paid out in USD. There is a $100,000 cap per client that you refer.

How do I get started?

Fill out the above forms for candidates or client referrals, and we'll be in touch! 

What if I only have a few candidates or companies to refer right now?

Not a problem! We would still like to get to know you, and welcome you to the program. We prioritize quality hires over quantity of hires. So whether you know two amazing candidates, or one great hiring manager in need - you can still earn a referral if a hire is made.

What will I earn?

We pay a percentage of the revenue we earn from each placement to members of our Partner Program. Percentages vary based on the type of hire and total compensation. During our intro call, we'll review the scenarios for referral payouts together.

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