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At Recruiting From Scratch, we believe that the foundation of our success lies in the talent and dedication of our team. We are a company driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared passion for excellence.

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What our team has to say about working here

I find immense joy in discovering the perfect candidate for a company, knowing that we are transforming lives by connecting individuals with incredible job opportunities.

Paula Moreno

Paula Moreno

Team Lead, Sourcing

I really enjoy the flexibility and the level of autonomy you get in your work. This job is perfect for results oriented mindsets. Work hard play hard

Arsen Petrosyan

Arsen Petrosyan

Team Lead, Recruiting

I love how we naturally embrace diversity at its core, while fostering an supportive environment for all employees. RFS culture also provides ample opportunities to develop and enhance your skills that enabled personal and professional development.

Santa Blalock

Santa Blalock

Team Lead, Recruiting

Excellent Benefits

Get to experience industry leading benefits and the perks that set us apart.


Receive the game-changing Macbook that equips you with cutting-edge technology and enhances your productivity with style and sophistication.

Fully Remote

Achieve a harmonious work-life balance and maximize your efficiency while enjoying the comforts of your personal space.

Expense Account

Manage business-related expenses and invest your focus where it matters most, knowing that your financial needs are fully supported.


Secure your future and build a solid financial foundation with our comprehensive company benefit of a 401(k) retirement plan.

Medical Benefits

Prioritize your well-being with our robust company benefit package, including comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage.

Flexible Schedule

Customize your work hours and adapt to personal commitments, fostering greater harmony between your professional and personal life.

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