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Startups face unique challenges when it comes to hiring early employees. Discover how Recruiting from Scratch can help.

Whether you’re a first-time founder or have started multiple companies, you need a trusted partner when it comes to hiring your first employees.
Our recruiting team carefully pre-vets each candidate to make sure they have the skills needed for your role and the appetite for early-stage opportunities. So whether you're looking for specific skillsets, years of experience, expertise in a particular industry, or a startup mentality - we've spent hours finding the right candidates for you.

What we've learned after helping hundreds of founders hire

We’ve worked with over 100 startups ranging from Seed to Series D to find their first strategic hires.

Challenges we often hear from founders

Rapid growth but limited resources

Inbound application difficulties

Urgent hiring needs

Candidates who aren't the right fit

Agencies who aren't right for startups

Solutions from Recruiting from Scratch

Favorable pricing model  

We manage inbound and outbound

Speedy hiring process

Pre-screened and vetted candidates

A team of seasoned recruiters, many of which have worked at startups as well

How we hire early-stage candidates

Our detailed process combined with hours spent pre-vetting candidates ensures the right hires come your way.

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Understanding your needs

Need to hire in a specific city, with a specific skillset? Not a problem

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Market Research

Our sourcers and recruiters immerse themselves in your industry to identify and pre-vet top talent profiles

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Speedy Sourcing

Using our network and some of the most advanced sourcing tools on the market, we start sending candidates immediately

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Seamless process

We coordinate interviews between you and candidates so you can focus on your business - not scheduling

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Favorable pricing

We stand by our work - we don't get paid until your hire starts

Hundreds of technology companies have trusted us with their hiring process

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We're not satisfied until you're happy

Discover why clients trust Recruiting from Scratch with their hiring needs

"I can't recommend the team at Recruiting From Scratch highly enough. They have been instrumental in helping us recruit top-tier talent at Resourcely. Their remarkable knack for tapping into diverse talent pools is truly commendable, and their dedication shines through with every candidate they've introduced. Their adaptability and openness to feedback made our collaboration seamless and effective. Working with them felt like a genuine partnership. For any organization looking to significantly elevate their recruitment process, partnering with Recruiting From Scratch is a no-brainer."



“As an early-stage company without our own recruiting team, Recruiting From Scratch has been a key asset to our recruiting efforts. They are extremely responsive to feedback and consistently source against our specific needs, bringing in top notch talent. I would recommend any seed or series A stage startup to consider working with a Recruiting From Scratch. They are always engaged and a pleasure to work with.”

CEO / Co-founder

Series A Software Infrastructure Startup

“I came into my role with many candidates in the pipeline for various engineering roles. I spent a lot of time screening what turned out to be a bit of unqualified applicants. RFS was able to send me mostly close and strong matches. We did end up hiring a few candidates that helped us meet our end of year hiring goals. The RFS team had very good communication overall and listened to our needs and expectations as we iterated through the process, as well as the job requirements. Our reps drove a good process and follow-up. Of the 2-3 other outside resources I was working with at the same time, RFS stood on top. While we're not currently paused using agencies at this time, I would certainly consider them as my primary resource when the time arises.”

Senior Technical Recruiter

Series C Mental Health Startup

“In early 2022 we were faced with huge demand to hire really strong, senior engineers, in a tough market, and needed some help building that pipeline. RFS came highly recommended, and I was impressed with their attention to detail, candidate experience, and the speed with which they could build really high quality pipeline, while still providing very thoughtful details and building great connections with both the candidates and our team. RFS was also very attentive to calibration needs, and proactively set up meeting early on in our partnership to troubleshoot issues in the funnel, and make sure we were on track - they were great at giving and taking feedback. Overall we had a great experience and made some excellent hires.”

Head of Recruiting

Series D Startup

“Recruiting from Scratch has been a terrific recruiter for my company. They succeeded where many other recruiters had failed repeatedly. Their team understood quickly the type of candidates we were after, even if our job description was not very well defined. Then they deployed all of their resources and worked non-stop on the search, in close feedback with us. The experience in growing startup teams from scratch is exceptional. I look forward to working with Will and his team again.”

CEO / Founder


“RFS has been a terrific hiring partner to Coda. They helped us find strong hires for a variety of roles who have become invaluable members of our team. They worked hard to understand what was most important to us. Highly recommend!”

Head of Operations


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