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Ishgun Singh Arora, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial fervor. His Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Statistics, and Machine Learning, combined with his experience as a startup founder, lends a unique and valuable perspective to his work in recruitment. During his stint as the Founder and CEO of NextGenTutors LLP, Ishgun navigated the world of strategic alliances, collaborations, and tech-driven learning. However, it was his later endeavor, The FashionVerse Inc, that best highlighted his entrepreneurial prowess. Under his leadership, the company grew its membership to over 5000 and facilitated 2000 sales through the strategic use of SEO, PPC, and strategic partnerships. His influence and strategic planning led to the company raise capital at a $15M valuation, resulting in the acquisition of prestigious B2B clients like Kate Spade and Police Lifestyle. In the realm of technical skills, Ishgun excels in Python, C, and R, and has substantial experience with MySQL, NodeJS, Go, APIs, and React. This depth of knowledge enables him to comprehend the multifaceted needs of tech startups, making him a uniquely qualified Business Development Associate in the tech-recruiting industry.

About me

Ishgun Singh Arora is more than just a business development associate; he's a startup enthusiast, tech geek, and strategic problem-solver. His passion for machine learning/AI and the emerging world of Web3 not only guides his personal pursuits but also enhances his approach to recruiting for the tech industry. At the core of his work is a belief in the power of the right team. Drawing on his experience as the founder of two startups and his technical knowledge from his studies at Carnegie Mellon University, Ishgun prides himself on being able to deeply understand the needs of tech startups and helping them find the talent that will drive their success. His USP is not just recruiting for any industry or client, but bringing a hands-on understanding of technology, specifically in machine learning, AI, and blockchain. He uses this knowledge to help startups build high-performing, future-ready teams. Outside of his professional life, Ishgun is an ardent supporter of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among his peers. As the President of the Carnegie Mellon Blockchain Group, he founded the CMU Crypto Alumni Network and has raised significant funds to support startups at CMU. Whether it's creating an innovative product, managing a growing team, or identifying the perfect recruit for a tech startup, Ishgun always contributed beyond the 9-5 grind to push personal boundaries and make a lasting impact.





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