Santa Blalock

Team Lead, Recruiting

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Started as an Assistant Retail Manager during college for 5+ years. Eventually transitioned to Wholesale for a couple of years. When I made the decision to pivot into recruiting, I knew I’d eventually want to go to a startup because of the significant opportunity for growth. I knew I could take everything I learned in the corporate world and implement that knowledge successfully in the startup world. I also wanted a place where I could be myself. Creating a team and environment where people feel comfortable, and build a team from scratch. I am currently involved in Talent Acquisition for multiple tech start-ups, where I take on the responsibility of connecting exceptional talent with leaders in the technology industry.

About me

I grew up in Washington DC, and moved to LA for college. I went to school for fashion marketing and management, and worked my way up in the fashion industry. After several years, I knew I wanted to pivot and make a career change. I started out as a recruiting coordinator, and eventually landed a position with Marriott as an on-site recruiter/HR manager. After some time in Portland and Cleveland, I moved back to LA and started a new recruiting role with AMS - where I worked up until joining Recruiting from Scratch!





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