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Building Client Relationships: How We Manage it at RFS

October 17, 2022

Madeline joined Recruiting from Scratch last October as a recruiter and business quickly exploded. As our client list grew, we had various points-of-contact (recruiters, founders, hiring managers) across dozens of roles. In order to deliver the customized, streamlined experience that we built RFS for, we needed a full-time relationship builder. The role of our first-ever account manager was launched.

What does an account manager do at a recruiting agency?

I manage all client relationships and onboard them from day one. I’m their point-of-contact. In an average day, I meet with candidates and with my team, check my emails, and relay candidate updates to the recruiters.

How does your background as a recruiter help you in this role?

It helps me know what information recruiters need. What would they want to know about the role? What would they ask before starting the search? It helps me understand the questions candidates have and advise hiring managers on what other companies are offering or what their interview process looks like. It helps me guide companies through what candidates like and don’t like, and what will attract top talent.

What is your favorite part of managing accounts?

I love working with small teams where you can get to know people beyond just what they do at work. Building relationships is my favorite part; it’s so rewarding to develop trust and arrive to a place where you can guide them in their hiring process.

What steps can hiring managers take to most effectively work with a recruiting agency?

Set aside dedicated time to work with the agency and clearly communicate your goals. Outline a clear interview process and designate who will oversee which tasks. Dedicating time upfront will save tremendous time down the road!

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