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'Tis the Season for Hiring

November 30, 2023

Starting or continuing hiring in December for next year’s headcount offers several strategic advantages. Below are some compelling reasons to start now (or contine interviewing candidates) versus waiting until January or February.


There’s a competitive advantage over other employers: Initiating the hiring process early provides a competitive edge, especially if there's high demand for skilled professionals in your industry (we’re looking at you, Machine Learning and AI roles!). By being ahead of the curve, you can attract top talent before they commit to opportunities from competitors who push off hiring until January or even early February.


Candidates have more time to meet: This isn’t true for all companies and jobs, but some candidates may find themselves with more “down time” at their current jobs in December than during other times of the year. Perhaps they’re working on maintenance of a new feature that launched this fall, or they’re in planning stages for 2024 projects themselves, and not working on anything immediate. In either case, they may have more time to speak with hiring managers and recruiters or respond to emails.


Candidates are already using their PTO: Many people use PTO throughout the month of December – parties, celebrations and events last the whole month. So, in many candidates’ eyes, taking a day or afternoon off without much notice isn’t a big deal. Since taking time off in December is expected, many people likely feel more comfortable and relaxed about leaving work or signing off a few hours early to do an interview – after all, others on their team are doing the same.


There’s buffer time: Unexpected delays can occur during the hiring process, such as extended notice periods for current employees, unexpected disruptions in personal schedules, or reference/background checks. Starting early provides a buffer, reducing the risk of missing critical timelines.


The holidays are the perfect time to reach out: This mostly applies to potential candidates in your existing network. But if you have former colleagues or even acquaintances who you think could be a good fit for your company, December is the perfect time to reach out and catch up. Many people want to reconnect to say hello this time of the year, and will welcome a text or message from someone thinking of them.


Some candidates may be able to start sooner than you think: A lot of candidates may be excited to receive an offer in December and start fresh with a new role in January. Think about it – if they put in their notice mid-December, they can wrap up projects by the start of the holidays and have a week or so between roles to start afresh in January.


Starting the hiring process in December or earlier for positions in 2024 is a strategic move that provides ample time for thorough candidate evaluation, mitigates potential delays, and positions your organization to secure top talent in a competitive market.

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