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How to Job Hunt During the Holidays

December 6, 2022

On its face, end-of-year appears to be a difficult time to find a job. The holidays slow many industries down, hiring managers spend more days out of office, and headcount for the year has been filled.

But remember - no time is a bad time to look for work. Companies are always in need of top talent by adapting your search to the season, you can connect with them.

Keep in mind that recruiting, hiring, and onboarding tends to slow down at this time.

The end of the year is hectic as companies create new budgets, allocate headcount, and prepare to onboard employees in the New Year. Count on it taking longer to hear back on your application, but don’t get discouraged from applying.

Clearly communicate your timeline.

Before you start your interview process, get organized. Are there days you need to block off for travel or family commitments? Are you available for interviews the week between Christmas and New Year’s? What is your ideal start date? Be ready to communicate this to the hiring team.

Stay in touch - and stay top of mind.

Connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to check in after the new year. And in the meantime, enjoy your holiday season!

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