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How to Keep Fully Remote Teams Connected

November 29, 2022

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have moved to a fully-remote work model. 16% of global companies don’t have an office spaceat all, freeing them up to hire talent across the country and the world. With your team spread through different locations (and time zones), it can be difficult to stay as connected as you would be in person. Whether it’s frequent video calls or fun Slack channels, it’s possible to be close-knit with team members you’ve never met! Read on for some ideas.

Speak “face-to-face”: video and voice calls build camaraderie.

With all the messages flying through Slack or other platforms, your tone can easily be misunderstood. Messages are not as effective in conveying intent as your voice or facial expressions are, so don’t be afraid to take a break from keyboard conversations and schedule a video or voice call. This is also a great way to get to know your team.

Consider an open-door policy. Ensure that your employees or coworkers know when they can have a quick call with you. Everyone can get concerns quickly addressed (or at least heard) and confidently continue their workday knowing a reliable team member is in reach.

Prioritize your messages and emails. Even if you can’t address the actual concern at the moment, send a quick acknowledgement: “I can’t answer right now, but I’ll reply soon!” Use your Slack status or vacation-responder when you’re unavailable.

Onboard with extra care: don’t let the training process suffer because you’re not in an office.

In a remote world, onboarding in conference rooms has been replaced with online training courses. Choose an easy-to-use platform that allows you to check on your employees’ progress (we use WorkRamp) and build from there. Take time to introduce coworkers, show the new hire what’s expected of them, demonstrate your values, and ensure they have access to logins and important documentation.

Remote work also necessitates more conscious effort in developing your employees. Find out what their goals are and make a plan to support them.

Make time for fun: celebrate victories just like you would in-person.

Fully-remote work removes the ease of quick desk chats or lunch conversations. Instead, use and encourage Slack channels just for non-business topics (pets! travel! garden inspiration!). Try a book club or a watch party, and put time on your calendar for virtual lunches.

Start a separate channel where you exclusively celebrate victories and express gratitude. It boosts morale, encourages employees, and keeps company culture alive.

Staying connected is essential to remote work

It might seem tedious to keep up with messages and have your work environment confined to a screen, but remember that you can interact with your remote team like you would in-person. Keep your virtual office door open, celebrate company successes, and don’t forget to have fun!

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