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Hear from Madeline Richardson, Lead Account Manager at RFS, on her role, what working at RFS is like, and more

April 11, 2024

Madeline Richardson is the Account Manager at Recruiting from Scratch. Since joining our team in 2021, Madeline was promoted into our Account Manager role where she is the main point of contact for our clients. We sat down with Madeline to ask her a few questions about her career, what it’s like to work at RFS, and what she enjoys about her role. Let’s get to it!

Tell me a little bit about joining Recruiting from Scratch.

I was brought on as contract recruiter, then became full-time a few months into the role. Several months after that, I became our Account Manager.

When I first joined the company as a recruiter, I wasn’t always sure what to ask clients, and sometimes felt intimated! But now I feel a lot more comfortable and better at anticipating our clients’ needs. I can better anticipate questions that recruiters will have too, which makes my role as the point of contact between recruiters and clients much more seamless.

Tell me a little bit about the transition into the Account Manager role.

Before I started in this role, each recruiter was responsible for managing their own clients, from full-cycle recruiting through client communication. I happened to really enjoy the client management side. I’ve always been detail-oriented and liked organizing things.

At some point, it became clear that the recruiting team needed to focus solely on recruiting, and this role was a natural fit for me to transition into.

What does being an Account Manager look like?

Every day is different, but the center of my role is to keep clients organized - especially if they don’t have an Applicant Tracking System. Many early stage companies and startups we work with don’t have this, so it’s important for me to make them to-do lists, remind them of who they’ve interviewed, who we need feedback on, etc.

I also meet with our clients regularly to understand how the recruiting process is going for them, and what our team can do to improve. For example, I can say to a client: ok so you just had your first five screens for this new role. Let’s discuss how these candidates are doing, how we can better calibrate.

I can also help clients strategize if they want to move forward with any offer - for example, how does this company and role stack up against other offers that may be in front of a candidate? Who is your backup candidate if your top candidate withdraws?

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

I enjoy the lack of bureaucracy at our company. If there are changes I want to make, I can make them, and as a whole we can make decisions quickly. For example, we recently changed the way we do pipeline reviews with each of the recruiters to make the process more efficient, and it was easy to make that change.

I also really enjoy working with each member of our team 1:1. I enjoy having close relationships and this role aligns really well with my communication style.

What else do you enjoy about RFS?

I love the flexibility. This was my first ever remote job so I love being able to manage my time. I recently got married, and planning my wedding was so much easier knowing I had a flexible schedule and could work later in an afternoon or in the morning in order to go to appointments or take calls. I also took three weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon! At many other companies, this would have been essentially impossible, but the team worked with me and we made it work.

I also really love the fact that we have (within reason!) unlimited PTO. I like to travel a lot and my family is really spread out, so I can travel and see people or work from where I am at. If I have a trip and I’m going to be out of the office, I can take that week off, but I can come in for a meeting or two if I need to.

What’s one of your favorite memories at RFS?

Definitely meeting people in person. Dominique, a recruiter on the team, came out and saw me in Atlanta. Santa also came to visit me - on my birthday! We had never met in person before and she happened to be here, so we got together and we went out for dinner. Meeting people is the best.

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