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Meet Dani Abadi, a tech industry veteran and new RFS partner

January 19, 2023

Recruiting from Scratch recently partnered with Dani Abadi, a seasoned business owner and tech recruiter based in Uruguay, to find top candidates across Latin America. We're excited to be working with Dani, and wanted to share a little more about his background, advice to others in the industry, and what he's looking forward to for 2023.

Connect with Dani on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/danielabadi/.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a serial entrepreneur who has built tech teams in Latin America for over ten years. I’m from Argentina and have been living in Uruguay for a couple of years now. With a background in psychology and business, during the pandemic I saw the opportunities that remote work brought for startup founders in the US looking to hire developers in less competitive markets and for senior developers looking for new opportunities, so I decided to jump into the recruiting business, which really matches my interests and skills too.

How are you working with Recruiting from Scratch to place top talent? 

I’ve connected with Recruiting from Scratch through OnDeck Recruiting, and realized that our companies had much in common, and that we could complement each other really well. So we decided to start working together on specific projects, finding tech talent from Latin America for RFS clients that were open to hire remotely down south. Luckily, one of our clients hired a developer from Uruguay, so we decided to deepen our relationship and offer our LatAm knowledge to every US startup founder looking to hire in less competitive markets, with excellent compatibility when it came to time zones, English and Tech skills.

What attracted you to the tech industry or recruiting?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and first built a very popular live arts venue in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Ciudad Cultural Konex). Once we reached our goals with that endeavor, I wanted to replicate that success again, and not just those who had access to a live event. That’s how I decided to enter the tech space, due to the ability to scale. I started my journey as founder of an EdTech startup (a marketplace for lifelong learning courses, Educabilia, which we sold in 2015), and I’ve always liked the intersection between education and employment so I remained in the space ever after.

What do you enjoy the most about recruiting?

I’m passionate about connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals, both candidates and startup founders (I’m one too, so I definitely understand what startups are looking for and empathize a lot with the founders I work with). I also love that remote work allows me to connect with people all over the world.

What are you most excited about (professionally) for the rest of this year?

I believe that 2023 may be a challenging year in the tech space due to macro market trends, but I believe these are times where new (and many) early stage startups are built, so looking forward to see how this year plays out. Plus, I always love a good challenge! Additionally, I'm excited to help new startup founders find the talent they are looking for and build amazing products together.

What are some words of advice you’d give to others in the tech industry?

Be brave, dream big, but also be patient when facing tough challenges and keep going. Last but not least, have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the process. Work is a marathon and time is your most valuable asset so use it wisely.

What do you like to do in your free time? (or an interesting fact about yourself)

In my free time I love spending time with my daughters (Ema and Juana, 11 and 8 years old), excercising (playing soccer, surfing, yoga, trekking), and everything food-related (cooking, eating, wine, etc). I also consider my self and adventurous traveler - I once crossed the Andes horseback riding, and a few years later bought a “round the world ticket” to fly all over the place for 6 months. It was unforgettable! 

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