Meet Anthony Manguray, Technical Sourcing Recruiter at RFS! Anthony joins our team from northern California, and used to be a professional golfer. Read on to learn more about Anthony and how he got his start in recruiting.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I used to play golf professionally, competing in mini-tour events such as PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour Latino America, Golden State Tour, and Major Championship Qualifiers. I bring the skills I learned from my days as a pro-athlete - like discipline and grind - to the professional and business world every day.

What attracted you to the tech industry? 

Many things attracted me to tech, but talking to my close friends in software engineering field accelerated my interest. I did some research, and realized there's so much more to tech than being an engineer, or writing code - I could also work in finding talent. Many tech companies also ultimately impact and change the way people live for the better, so that’s another reason why I enjoy the field. 

What does your day-to-day work look like?

A lot of coffee. Aside from caffeine, I really enjoy the work-from-anywhere aspect of being remote at RFS, and having the freedom to change my scenery.

What’s been one of your favorite accomplishments so far?

Getting to know my new team at RFS, and being there to support them any way I can. 

What do you enjoy the most about recruiting? 

There’s many aspects of recruiting I enjoy, but I especially love the collaborative nature of being on a team. Having a group of people to work alongside with that share the same goal, and only want great things out of each other, is also rewarding. 

What are you most excited about (professionally) for the rest of this year?

Connecting more with my team members and impacting people's lives for the better by helping them land their dream role. It’s so fun to see people start a new job, or with a new company, that will positively impact their life. 

What are some words of advice you’d give to others in the tech industry? 

Be patient, and be willing to get the work done - but at the same time, don't let it consume you. Put some time aside for yourself and invest in your mental and physical health.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I still golf, but I also enjoy going to the gym, exploring the world (traveling), trying different foods, and checking out different breweries.