Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte and am now based in Brooklyn, NY. I have a bit of a different background, as I studied Social Work and Spanish in undergrad. I practiced Social Work for a few years and then decided I wanted to change careers. I had some friends who were recruiters, which helped introduce me to the field. 

While job hunting in the recruiting realm, I stumbled across sourcing, and I was really intrigued. I enjoyed the research aspect of sourcing - researching candidates, researching skills, and helping put together the best fits for roles. I started working at Recruiting from Scratch in December 2021, and have been in the sourcing industry since that time! 

What attracted you to the tech industry? 

In NYC, I am surrounded by engineers and great tech talent. Working with tech companies on the RFS client list has allowed me to be a part of the conversations I previously didn’t always understand. I’m always interested in learning something new, or different things about technology, and what goes into this line of work.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

I usually start my mornings on Zoom syncs with our team to discuss our priorities for the week. Next I respond to emails from candidates, and answer any of their questions. Then I dive into sourcing on LinkedIn. Lately, I’ve been sourcing for a lot of general backend and general fullstack roles. I’ll also look through applications from candidates who apply to our positions, and flag profiles I think would be a good fit for some of our roles. 

I like to be as specific as possible for the candidates I reach out to (and to present them with roles tailored to their interests), but I also like to share more about other roles we’re recruiting for if I can. I find that sometimes, one particular role we’re recruiting for right now may not excite a candidate, but the third one will, because they like that industry, or are interested in the technology. 

What’s been one of your favorite accomplishments so far?

Making that career shift was a big deal for me! Taking that leap of faith, and beginning my sourcing and recruiting career at Recruiting from Scratch is an achievement for me. 

What are some words of advice you’d give to others in the tech industry? 

If you’re looking for a tech role, make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date and look cohesive. If you have a lot of information on your profile that clearly explains your past roles and accomplishments, that will get a lot more attention from recruiters. It doesn’t take long to go through your profile to make sure it looks good - so why not? 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, eating my way through NYC’s amazing restaurants, roller skating, running and working out!