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5 Myths about Working with External Recruiters

March 30, 2023

When it comes to filling open positions, many companies turn to recruiting agencies (like ours!) for assistance.

However, there are several myths that surround working with a recruiting agency that can prevent organizations and jobseekers from partnering with external firms.

In this post, we will explore some of the five most common myths about working with a recruiter. By understanding the realities of working with a recruiting agency, companies and candidates can make informed decisions about whether to go external or manage recruiting in-house, and how to choose the right recruiter for their needs.

Myth 1: Recruiters only hire for entry level roles, temporary roles, or executive roles (like finding a new CEO).

While there are recruiters who specialize in placing new college grads, temp employees, or months-long executive searches, many also hire for associate, mid, and senior level roles.

At Recruiting from Scratch, we hire experienced professionals for a variety of positions, across a variety of industries. Our roles are full-time, salaried, and benefited. Think: great health insurance, 401Ks, generous leave and PTO, and competitive equity grants.

Myth 2: Recruiting agencies take on less desirable jobs or work with less desirable candidates.

Companies and candidates partner with recruiting agencies to get connected to the best opportunities!

Many clients choose to work with recruiting agencies because we have alternative ways to find candidates. For example - we use tools that may not make sense for a small startup to invest in if they’re not making hundreds of hires.

Clients also partner with recruiting agencies if they don’t have a full-time recruiting team or the bandwidth to take on every open requisition. Agencies can be a great option for companies who need help filling in these gaps.

Finally, recruiters have great intel on hundreds of potential candidates they can immediately send over to a hiring manager - which speeds up the process exponentially.

And on the candidate side, recruiters often have early access to roles, and they can help you get a seamless introduction to a hiring manager. Working with recruiters is a powerful tool for the jobseeker who wants to expedite their search.

Myth 3: It takes longer to fill a job or find a new job when working with a recruiter.

Recruiters often expedite the hiring process. Often, recruiters can help understaffed startups or corporations to schedule interviews, answer candidate questions, or aid in negotiations.

In fact: half of Recruiting from Scratch hires go from first interview to signed offer in 21.5 days. This is less than half the industry standard of 49 days for engineering jobs, according to LinkedIn.

Myth 4: Recruiters only care about making a hire quickly and not if it’s the right fit.

While it's true that contingent recruiters are motivated by making a placement, agencies prioritize building long-term relationships with their clients and candidates. This means understanding their clients' hiring needs and culture, and providing personalized service to ensure the best possible fit for the employer.

On the candidate side, this means placing candidates in roles that match what they’re looking for, align with their salary expectations, and leave them excited to start their new job.

Prioritizing the right fit over making a quick hire is critical. If a candidate leaves a company soon after starting because they weren’t the right fit, it’s likely that everyone - including the recruiter - will be unhappy.

Myth 5: Contingent recruiters are not as knowledgeable about the types of industries they recruit for.

Another common myth is that contingent recruiters are not as knowledgeable about certain industries because they work with a variety of candidates and companies.

However, many recruiters specialize in a particular industry or niche, and have extensive knowledge and networks in that area. Also, many recruiting firms are often based in a particular region, so they have a thorough understanding of regional talent markets.

At Recruiting from Scratch, our niche is tech, and we often recruit for roles in Product Design, Product Management, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, and other related fields. After meeting with hundreds of hiring managers and talking to thousands of candidates, we’ve cultivated an understanding of what both parties are looking for in their industry, and what skills make a candidate a successful and happy employee.

With careful research and consideration, working with an external recruiter can help organizations find the right talent to achieve their goals - as well as help candidates land their dream roles.

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