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Questions to ask your Interviewer

November 21, 2023

One of the most overlooked, but truly critical stages of an interview is to have thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer.

Asking thoughtful questions when they ask “Do you have any questions for me?” indicates that your serious interest.

Examples of thoughtful questions to ask include:

  • What series of funding is your company in?
  • Where did you raise capital from?
  • How did you found your business, or how was the business started (if you’re not meeting with a founder directly)?
  • What’s your plan for growth in (insert a specific area)?
  • What do you enjoy the most about working at this company?
  • What’s been a pivot or change the company has undergone recently?
  • What’s your primary focus for (insert your department here) for the next six months?

Check out our blog post about this here for more info.

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