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Eight of our favorite recruiting tech tools

July 6, 2022

As an independent recruiting firm, we’re often asked - what are the best tools for recruiters and hiring teams, and what do we get the most use out of?

The long answer is - this can vary based on your team’s size and goals. But the short answer is - we’ve found a few of our own favorites. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tools in no particular order that our team uses regularly. We’ve based these selections on:

  • Ease of use: Being intuitive and user-friendly goes a long way in our books.
  • Feedback from clients and candidates: We want to make sure everyone we work with has a positive experience and tools that help us get back to people we work with - faster - are a critical part of that.
  • Cost: We constantly review new tools and programs entering the market so we can implement the most cost-effective solutions for our team.

1. Gem: Gem is a recruiting tool that helps us with it all. From developing a qualified CRM, to managing our outreach and follow ups, to maintaining a consistent pipeline of interested candidates - our team uses Gem all the time to make sure our candidates have the best experience possible.

2. Calendly: Emailing back and forth to schedule meetings can take up a lot of time - for both candidates and hiring teams alike. We like using Calendly to quickly block off meeting times and let people know when we’re available, so they can pick a time that works for them. Plus, having meeting times and Zoom links automatically added to our calendars save time for everyone.

3. RecruiterFlow: Similar to Gem, RecruiterFlow helps us track our applicants, report on hiring metrics and successes, and eliminate some of the daily administrative work. RecruiterFlow also helps us post openings for the roles we’re recruiting for. PS - our founder, Will Sanders, was interviewed on the RecruiterFlow podcast! Watch the video here.

4. LinkedIn: Every recruiter probably uses LinkedIn daily, and RFS is definitely no stranger to the platform! But in addition to helping us advertise new positions and find candidates, LinkedIn keeps us in touch with our networks and is a place for us to read up on industry trends - including who’s hiring and what they’re looking for. Some of our team members have also found LinkedIn’s guides and courses to be helpful in the tech industry.

5. Slack: We use Slack daily to communicate on our internal team. But beyond that, we often use Slack to communicate with our clients and to bring that in-house feel to our recruiting conversations. We want our clients to feel like they can ask us anything that’s top of mind. Plus - Slack is a convenient way to share resumes and interview feedback, so our hiring managers can make the best decisions moving forward.

6. Otter.ai: Otter is a meeting transcription service that helps transcribe meetings in real time - going from voice to notes with a click of a button. Otter helps us keep track of call notes, so we can come back to our to-dos, or share with team members who are out of office. We highly recommend Otter for busy teams that may not be able to make every call, and can come review notes or highlights if they’re unable to attend a meeting.

7. Coda: Coda helps us take notes, store outlines, and manage documents all in one place. For example, Coda’s been instrumental in helping us keep track of processes and onboarding materials for when we grow our own recruiting team.

8. Crunchbase: As recruiters who like to stay informed on industry trends, we find that Crunchbase is a great tool to learn more about startups and tech companies. Crunchbase lets us know when a company launched, what their funding looks like, how many employees they have, etc. Crunchbase is also a great tool we recommend to candidates who are job-seeking and have specific types of companies they’re targeting (for example, candidates who want to work with Seed-funded companies or Series D or later companies).

Interested in working with us and letting our tools power your next hiring search? Send us a note at sales@recruitingfromscratch.com.

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