Our founder, Will Sanders, was recently featured on the Develop Yourself podcast hosted by Aaron Hayslip. In this episode, Will and Aaron cover: 

  • Will's background and the story behind starting Recruiting For Scratch
  • The experience of getting laid off as an early-career professional and advice for bouncing back after a layoff
  • How bootcamps, learning new skills and pivoting fit into a successful career
  • Trends in hiring and how startups are hiring in the current market

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify for the full episode.

About the Develop Yourself Podcast: To change careers and land your first job as a Software Engineer, you need more than just great software development skills - you need to develop yourself. Welcome to the podcast that helps you develop your skills, your habits, your network and more, all in hopes of becoming a thriving Software Engineer.

To learn more about Aaron Hayslip, connect with him on LinkedIn and check out his company Parsity.io.