Recruiterflow CEO Manan Shah interviewed our founder, Will Sanders, on the process of starting Recruiting from Scratch and our successes in the recruiting industry. In this video interview, they discuss how Will scaled RFS in our first year of business and how applications like Recruiterflow can help recruiters and recruiting teams work more efficiently.

Listen to the full interview here, or jump to one of the sections below to learn more about a certain topic: 

0:00 - Introduction

1:15 - Why recruiting?

5:20 - Growth of “Recruiting from scratch”

9:50 - retainer vs contingency

12:00 - recruitment trends

14:35 - Hiring recruiters with no recruitment experience (tech background)

18:40 - Playbook for new recruiters to get them up to speed

25:00 - Identifying your recruiting business’s differentiator

30:45 - How has Recruiterflow helped Will’s agency?

Thanks for hosting, RFS, Manan! Learn more about Recruiterflow and their capabilities at