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RFS Recruiting team Lead Arsen on how to make successful placements during a challenging market

April 11, 2024

Arsen Petrosyan is a Senior Recruiter at Recruiting from Scratch and has been with our team for a couple years as an exceptional technical recruiter. We recently sat down with Arsen to ask him what he’s working on, his recent placements, how he works with candidates, and advice he has for job seekers and startups in 2024.

Tell us about your career prior to joining Recruiting from Scratch.

I worked in recruiting in the healthcare and technical industries. It was easy to transition from recruiting for the technical field to recruiting for Recruiting from Scratch. I’m based on Los Angeles.

Tell us about your last few months of recruiting.

In the first couple months of 2024, I had eight placements, including Android Engineers, Senior to Senior Staff level Engineers, iOS Engineers, Fullstack Engineers, a few Founding Engineers, and one Production Engineer.

So, a great start to the year in terms of placements and helping our clients and candidates really find great talent.

What do you think helped you make this many placements?

Definitely building relationships with people and identifying the right candidates from the get-go.

To be honest, startups aren’t the right fit for everyone - which is completely okay. It’s usually not the best use of my time or a company’s time trying to convince candidates to be interested in a particular startup if they don’t seem very interested from the beginning. So I didn’t spend time on that.

Instead, I went after candidates that were really interested in our clients’ companies. With these candidates, I had consistent communication throughout the interview process, helped them know what to expect for interviews, and educated them on what to expect for a fair offer.

Being consistent is also super important. I’ve had slower months too, where I’ve done all the same things I did during months when I made a lot of placements. Consistency is so important in recruiting - making sure that you are following the process of consistent outreach, building your pipeline, and not getting frustrated easily.  

How do you work with candidates to help them succeed?

I have an example from earlier this year to share. One candidate I worked with had some excellent job experience, but had taken a career break for the last couple years. Although some employers see this a negative, I was able to talk to her about it to understand her situation and what she was looking for in her next role. I made sure she had enough time to study and prepare for technical interviews so she could get her skills back up to speed. I also worked with her to understand what a fair market offer looked like for her. I’m happy to say she successfully landed a role, and is doing great.

What advice do you have for job seekers?

Be very consistent and stick with the process. Make sure you’re able to put the foot on the pedal in terms of output. Are you sending out the number of resumes, applying for the number of jobs, making the number of networking connections you need to? Make sure you’re adjusting to the market and how many touch points you’ll need to make in order to land a role.

I’d also say if you’re open to it, look at startups. You’re always going to have founders looking for great initial talent. There’s always a market here.

What advice do you have for startups?

There are more startups now hiring compared to six months ago. So I am seeing a little more competitiveness, but were still in an employer’s market for many types of roles.

As long as you can position yourself well with candidates, are clear on what your company offers and what’s exciting about it, and can have open and transparent conversations, you’ll find great people who want to work with you.

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