Technical recruiter Gideon Potter was one of the earliest hires at Recruiting From Scratch. He has been with RFS since March of this year, and he offered us a look at what his day-to-day process looks like as he recruits candidates for over 700 different positions.

What does your daily role look like at RFS?

I’m on the phone with candidates all day long. I have four to eight calls a day where I talk with candidates about their backgrounds and build rapport with them. I’ll talk to candidates, then send them some job descriptions to gauge their interest, and then I’ll connect them with our clients.

How would you describe what RFS does, and why do you think it’s unique compared to other recruiting firms?

RFS works with 40 different companies with between 8 and 1000 employees, although the average is usually between 40 and 50 employees. Generally we work with smaller startups, most of which are VC-backed. We look for certain factors in these companies like product market fit.

The work from home aspect of our recruiting is unique. Twenty to thirty percent of candidates are looking for new positions because they want to stay remote, and we’re seeing more people become digital nomads.

How did you first become interested in technical recruiting and startups?

I fell in love with startups at the age of 14. My dad was in tech for a long time, and when he moved into the startup space, he seemed younger and more energetic. I realized that there’s this whole different part of corporate culture, where people are having fun while they’re getting things done.

I’ve been given a lot of implicit leadership roles here because I was the first full-time recruiter, so I’m able to give advice and be the point person for a lot of clients.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at RFS?

I love working with other startups that want to grow quickly and are building interesting technology. It’s also really fun to have conversations with candidates and build a business network and even make friends. It’s fun to be part of figuring it all out.