Grace McDermott | September 29, 2021

Here at RFS, our team is always at work finding the best fits for clients and candidates in the technology recruiting space. We followed Yoon Manivanh, our technical sourcer, throughout a day at RFS, and we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the work we do to match applicants with open positions. Yoon has been with RFS for the past seven months.

How would you describe what you do at RFS?

I’m a technical sourcer, so my main role is finding candidates to send outreach to based on qualifications that our clients want. We find back and front end engineers, site reliability managers, and more. I write sequences and outbound messages to send after finding candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter. I keep the ATS, where we track all of our candidates, clean. I make sure candidates aren’t forgotten and I update our lists of clients and the different roles that we have available.

I also create job postings that get listed on different websites like Indeed and LinkedIn. I try to split it about fifty-fifty between doing outreach and going through inbound applications.

What’s your process when you’re searching for a candidate for a certain position?

I sit in on initial meetings with clients, because reading a job description is not the same as getting it from the clients themselves. I want to see what they really want. Then, to find candidates, I work on LinkedIn Recruiter and find people willing to respond. I’ll filter for things like location, university, or a certain stack that’s required.

What advice would you give to job applicants hoping to be recruited by RFS from LinkedIn or our application page?

I would say for candidates, just apply to everything we have on LinkedIn. Message us on LinkedIn to see if there’s a fit for you, and give us some of your background and tell us why you want a role.

What is your favorite part of technical sourcing at RFS?

I had no knowledge of the tech world at all coming in, and I think it’s so cool that there are so many things that people have created that I wouldn’t have thought of. I like finding out about new kinds of technology and new businesses. New companies we work with that work on things like speech therapy or speech to text – I feel like we’re in the future.

I also like being part of a smaller company and I love seeing the team grow and communicate with each other.