As the world shifted remote in 2020, we had to adjust to a new reality of shared work-from-home spaces, Zoom meetings and the snafus that came along with them, and independent motivation as offices closed. For some, this was a struggle, and for others, an unexpected blessing. On whichever side of that aisle you may stand, though, the future of American professionals is undoubtedly moving toward a virtual workspace.

Recruiting From Scratch has taken advantage of this shift to remote work to connect its clients with software, hardware, and machine learning engineers from anywhere and everywhere.

Unlike pre-pandemic recruiting, the best match for a job doesn’t necessarily have to be local or willing to relocate. The RFS remote recruitment style has opened up the field for clients and job searchers to find their ideal matches.

For Our Clients

RFS works with companies ranging from start-ups to established large-scale operations. In particular, though, newer and smaller companies can benefit from our virtual recruiting services.

RFS already provides much-needed support to quickly-expanding companies that don’t always have the infrastructure to coordinate hiring. With an expanded search in our virtual-leaning world, RFS is able to narrow down candidates quickly from anywhere in the country to find the best systems engineer or back end specialist to continue expanding your company’s workforce and reach.

For Our Candidates

Job searchers on the market are noticing more and more remote postings on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and more, which can be a blessing and a curse. While it opens up your opportunities – and your choices – it also widens the applicant pool.

By applying through Recruiting From Scratch, you’re more likely to be noticed by our hiring managers and recruiters than you would sending a resume to the middle of a pile somewhere. And even if you don’t get the job you originally applied for, RFS will keep you in mind and reach out to you for future job openings in your field or specialty.

With remote recruiting, you’re not tied down to looking at jobs in your area or committing to a relocation. You can really pursue your career interests at tech companies of all sizes throughout the country and find the best fit for your skills and work style.

Interested in our services?

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