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Smart Contracts Engineer

Smart Contracts Engineer

A Smart Contracts Engineer designs and implements smart contracts using blockchain technology.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are a relatively new technology, and have become even more popular over the last several years as blockchain technology has grown.

Basically, Smart Contracts are pieces of code or script that run on the blockchain. Rather than being executed by a centralized organization or person, Smart Contracts instead are enforced by miners across the blockchain network.

What are Smart Contracts used for?

Since Smart Contracts don’t require signatories to execute them (or, to take action when a contract has not been executed) - they can save time if a contract hasn’t been filled, eliminate the need for blind trust, and can reduce the operational costs of two parties setting up a contract or communicating back and forth.

Smart Contracts can have applications for real estate, supply chain, health care, finance, and an array of industries (in addition to bitcoin and cryptocurrency applications) that are often associated with Smart Contracts. Companies who hire Smart Contract Engineers may span a variety of industries.

What is the typical background of a Smart Contracts Engineer?

A Smart Contracts Engineer may come from a background in Computer Science or another engineering field, with several years of work experience already.

What are some of the typical responsibilities of a Smart Contracts Engineer?

  • To design and deploying Smart Contracts: At their core, Smart Contract Engineers are responsible for creating, testing, and implementing Smart Contracts for the companies they work for.
  • To design and implement quality control processes: Smart Contract Engineers will need to be able to design and implement quality control processes - since once a Smart Contract is executed, it’s automated - which may lead to costly mistakes if part of a contract was incorrect.
  • To discover ways to help Smart Contracts scale: In some organizations, Smart Contract Engineers may be asked to replicate their results to help other applications of contract projects scale, once an existing smart contract is complete.

What are some of the skills a successful Smart Contracts Engineer should have?

  • Passion or interest in DeFi: Smart Contracts Engineers should have an interest in Decentralized Finance products, and appreciate the efficiencies and benefits Smart Contracts can bring.
  • Understanding of tokenomics and the token economy, aka a thorough understanding of Blockchain: Tokenomics refers to the science behind blockchain technology, which Smart Contracts Engineers will need to understand and use.
  • Rigorous experience in a variety of platforms: Similar to Backend Engineers and other highly technical engineering fields, Smart Contract Engineers may need experience in a variety of platforms, like Python, C++, Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Django, Kubernetes, SQL and MySQL databases.

What are some of the typical job titles of a Smart Contracts Engineer?

We’ve recruited for many different Smart Contracts Engineering roles, including job titles like:

  • Smart Contracts Engineer
  • Senior Smart Contracts Engineer


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